Your child will play, learn, and grow from the very first day they step foot into our center.

Here is what you and your child can expect to experience at Snapdragon Preschool:

1st Day

  • A 1:1 guide is assigned to your child during the first hour to show them around, tell funny stories, ease their nerves, and meet the other children

  • Parents will receive photos of their children and a recap at the end of the day from the teachers

1st Week

  • Parents will receive daily images, reports on their progress, and communication with their teacher at drop-off

  • Children will be familiar with everyone's name and experience a full preschool schedule

  • Children will start to learn gymnastics and sport skills

After a Year

  • Parents will receive monthly academic curriculum schedules

  • Children will partake in four different sports at a minimum, in addition to gymnastics

  • Academics: Number sense, counting, the alphabet, colors, patterns, shapes, and Spanish basics

  • Gymnastics: Cartwheels, forward and backward rolls, and handstands against the wall

  • Sports: Basics of basketball, softball, soccer, flag football, and yoga

  • Community: Kids and parents will develop friendships and be a part of a like-minded community

  • Internal Growth: A sense of independence, responsibility, conflict resolution, a heightened natural curiosity, and a joy for learning